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CHEER Oklahoma college cheerleader in the air, stunt, collegiate cheerleading moved from @Kython Cheerleading: In the Air board CHEER #KyFun

people take notice when you can turn your body into a human safety pin. but the skill shown here, taken at the 92 olympics, did not put the pop chinese gymnast in the code of points.

CHEER game, scorpion, stunt, IPFW volleyball - flexible cheerleader moved from Kythoni's Cheerleading: Stunts: Bow & Arrow, Heel Stretch, Scorpion & Scale board #KyFun n1510

GO WOLFPACK! this is callie, s.i.'s cheerleader of the week:)

so cool, cheerleading, cheer, cheerleader | Moved from Kythoni's Cheerleading: In the Air -- This is way cool!!

hope she has insurance......but what cute bikini she has on ! ! See more of these at: HotWomensClothes....

Cheering for the Same {Marriage} Team - MomAdvice

cheerleading. Follow me in my TWITTER @NayviessGarcia y les dare Follow aqui :D

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