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    Snowball bushes (Viburnum spp.) root with minimal effort, producing a showy shrub with the same snowy-white flowers as the original.

    How to propagate a snowball bush

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      Hydrangeas (Hydrangea spp.) make lovely cut flowers, but can be temperamental. They often droop after you place them in a vase, whether you cut them yourself or get them from a florist, particularly ...

    • Mari Mantle

      How to Root a Snowball Bush. My grandmother propagated it 60 years ago, and it would be amazing to take a piece of her tree!

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      ¿Qué flores absorben más rápido el colorante para alimentos? | eHow en Español

    • sweet baby

      how to use boiled water to lengthen the life of cut hydrangeas

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      How to Revive Cut Hydrangea Flowers in Water | eHow

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      Can I Root a Cutting From a Snowball Bush? | eHow

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      How to Make Paper Hydrangea Flowers |

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      How to Propagate a Snowball Viburnum | eHow

    • Betty

      How to Root a Snowball Bush | eHow

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    Grow Hydrangea From Cutting

    HYDRANGEAS... Remember to do this in late July or root branches and grow more hydrangeas!

    Root Storage Bin. Root veggies like carrots and beets stay fresh all winter and even grow sweeter in this storage bin. Just fill with damp sand or sawdust, alternating with layers of veggies. can also house potatoes, turnips, and squash $34.95

    Care of a Snowball Bush. Prune in early spring, Cut back tops after blooming.

    Ground Layering hydrangeas, works on rosemary, gardenia and other woody plants too. Just dig a shallow hole, lay the plant branch in (don't cut it off the main plant), cover with dirt and place a brick on top! Water and wait!

    Tips for growing Hydrangea

    Definitely going to plant at least one mophead variety of hydrangea bush in a sunny part of our yard

    Penny Ball for the garden. Pennies in the garden repel slugs and make hydrangeas blue.


    Chinese snowball is one of spring's showiest shrubs. White flower clusters 6 to 8 inches across festoon its branches in late spring. The plant gets big—12 to 20 feet tall and wide. Though it looks like a hydrangea, it's actually a viburnum.

    P. Allen Smith Garden Home - How to propagate your hydrangea. Who knew it was sooo easy! Think I'll being doing this!