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How Girls Pack A Suitcase (This is TOTALLY me! [An' every one o' you bitches watching this, so don't lie!!])

Sometimes I don't wanna have to work for three hours before I get to eat, and then have to wash a thousand dishes when I'm done.

What to do when your family is afraid of mice…

Gotta love Amy Farrah Fowler and The Big bang Theory. #humor

These were actually done by first graders…Number 26 came from Blanche on The Golden Girls on the episode of Grab That Dough.

I LOVE Jenna Marbles!! My first YouTube channel I subscribed to!

The 25 Best JL Quotes Of 2012. Literally laughed out loud. Totally made my day.

I will be sending these out ...

Things Girls Lie about. Lol this ones funny

hahaha. I dunno if this is a true story, but if so then I pin this with pride :) only at home would this happen! proud Montanan :)