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Sakiyama Takayuki: "Listening to Waves" vase

"Listening to Waves" vase, Heisei period (1989–present), 2004 Sakiyama Takayuki (Japanese, born 1958)

by Takayuki Sakiyama textured ceramic vessel, “All of my work is inspired by the sea, especially the natural curve created by the waves. When I was in junior high school I knew I had to find a way to be an artist and live by the sea." See more at:

I cant even imagine having this much patience. TERRY HOGAN : EVEN MORE PIERCED PERFECTION

These textured ceramic vessels are by artist Sakiyama Takayuki

Tanoue Shinya - Japanese ceramic artist, Keiko Gallery

This artist uses the dots along the smooth surface of the piece to create contrasting textures.

Sosei (Genesis) by Miyashita Zenji (1939-2012). Stoneware and coloured clay overlays., Japan