La poesía en su laberinto : AutoRepresentacioneS #1 / Laura Scarano (ed.) - Binges : Orbis Tertius, imp. 2013

Brian Dettmer, "Grolier", Altered Books Oh, my goodness. Dettmer is a genius! This is beautiful.

book art

book art

Transformatie van een boek.

book art- sculptures from repurposed books. this is COOL- would love to have one for my house! by Emma Lloyd - Book Artist

Art Book

This is called Hypertext Book Sculpture created by Stephen Doyle . This book art was up for auction but I think it's already sol.

Intricate Book Carvings by Nino Orlandi.... Love these!!!:

Intricately Carved Books

Intricate Book Carvings by Nino Orlandi. /Nino-Orlandi-Scultore-per-passione

buchkunst. Im sad to see books used like this,  but what an amazing use and talent!

Altered Book Art by Brian Dettmer. The book lover in me is horrified at altering these books but the art is amazing!

10 incredible book sculptures

10 incredible book sculptures - this is just purely impressive and amazing.

Fairy Tale Book Sculptures - Su Blackwell's Art from Books Animates the Pages of Storybooks (GALLERY)

Fairy Tale Book Sculptures

Tales from Arabian Nights: The mosque commissioned by Fairmont Hotel Group took Su Blackwell 2 months to create

50 Astonishing Book Art Projects - From 3D Book Art to Merging Book Sculptures (TOPLIST)

49 Astonishing Book Art Projects

Reminds me of a line by Dickinson "There is no frigate like a book, to take us to lands away" ---> Book sculptures, Thomas Wightman

Wonderful sculptures made by Daniel Lai with books and small characters interacting with these books.

Book sculptures by Daniel Lai

White on White Double Book Birdie an original sculpture by Daniel Lai. Made with clay & old books cut and folded.