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    • Walker Ragland

      Guerrilla Marketing is any form of non-traditional marketing. In this case the Simpsons team has created a brilliant guerrilla marketing piece here using an escalator. I don't know if this would make me want to watch the movie...or want a doughnut.

    • Jackie Williams

      this form of art is "Street art" I find it awesome because its homer simpson painted at the end of an escalator and hes opening his mouth and as the stairs move own there's donuts going into his mouth.. GENIUS

    • Jeffrey Eestermans

      Donuts' escalator. "The Simpsons' Movie". Gabriel Russo. #funny, #streetart, #graffiti, #urban.

    • amy _ _ amy

      Stairs Homer Simpson the simpsons pink donuts doughnuts #simpsonsforever

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