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    White Lion

    • Brittany M

      SO BEAUTIFUL! "According to Forbes, as a pet this cub is the world’s costliest animal. The white lion is not a species unto itself; he’s your standard lion with a potentially fatal flaw. The flaw is a recessive gene that alerts both potential prey (wildebeests, hippos and adult elephants) as well as predators (hunters) to his presence."

    • Séb Portugas D

      I'm pretty sure white lions are pretty rare. Isn't he a beauty? Léo c'est toi? (Roi Léo ->manga)

    • Deb Schmeling

      beautiful animal pictures wallpaper | Animal Picture Beautiful White Lion Yawning Wallpaper

    • Angela

      rare white animals | Anaconda Snake Wallpapers: Sketches of Wild Animals Wallpapers

    • Joann Oertle

      Animal Pictures | jungle life: animals best wallpapers

    • Janet Duncan

      Animal Picture Of A Beautiful White Lion Yawning

    • Lacy Webber

      White lion! Special big cat! Save the Lions!

    • Rhonda Boring

      White Lion Wallpaper

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