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    Desmoplastic fibroma | Radiology Case |

    Roentgen tries to figure out what he's discovered. Now learn why he named them x-rays: www.excaliburmed....

    Scotty+Dog+Radiology | Scotty dog X-Ray anatomy,sagitla lumbar spine x-ray anatomy scotty dog ...

    Color coded "Scotty Dog" with labels- good oblique view

    I like to take my shirt off when teaching about the skeletal system to show the students my sweet skeletal system tattoos (not actually me). I think they're kinda creepy but the middleschoolers enjoy reviewing bones this way so why not?

    types of bone fractures and treatment | Glendale Animal Hospital - The Family Veterinarian

    Motivation fail

    X-Ray Of A 900 Pound Man.

    skull landmarks | Sphenoid bone, superior view with labels - Axial Skeleton Visual Atlas ...

    Physicist Wilhelm Röntgen, born March 27, 1845, detected wavelength electromagnetic radiation, resulting in the discovery of x-rays.

    i find xrays oddly beautiful

    A whole bunch of stuff that I've forgotten. And everytime a student asks me a things like this I'm stumped

    Should get these since I am an xray tech lol


    The world's weirdest x-rays

    X-ray of Dislocated Shoulder

    Wow (Ouch!)

    radiographic images of the humerus and shoulder | SCAPULAR Y LATERAL - ANTERIOR OBLIQUE POSITION: SHOULDER (TRAUMA)

    Stunning X-ray video captures a bat in flight Using advanced imaging technology, the researchers were able to see how bats travel through the air. Read more: www.sciencerecord...

    November 8 1895 CE – Wilhelm Rontgen Accidentally Discovers the X-ray

    Custom Personalized XRay X-Ray Radiology Tech Technician Retractable Name Badge ID Reel Holder Bottle Cap Gift

    positioning for x ray | Trapezio-metacarpal arthritis: The price of an opposable thumb! Turker ...

    The effects of radiation

    xray+images | Click on the X-ray (above) to view the enlarged image

    X-ray Cake By JawdroppingCakes on