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anatomie fractures 2 by pilllpat (agence eureka), via Flickr

Operating Room Registered Nurse: My Career: Compound Fracture of the femur bone near the hip joint

There are 27 bones in the hand, and fractures are a common...

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Fractured and dislocated spine, fractured pelvis, and fractured hip. dang

Very informative site on broken bones in kids. (Hope I'm never glad I pinned this)

Fractured Humerous, not so humerous ....

Tibial plateau fractures were originally termed a bumper or fender fracture but only 25% of tibial plateau fractures result from impact with automobile bumpers. Schatzker classification system is one method of classifying tibial plateau fractures and splits the fracture into six types. In the Schatzker classification, each increasing numeric fracture category indicates increasing severity, reflecting not only increased energy imparted to the bone at the time of injury but also an increasingly worse prognosis.

Open Book Fracture: One specific kind of pelvic fracture is known as an 'open book' fracture. This is often the result from a heavy impact to the groin (pubis), a common motorcycling accident injury. In this kind of injury, the left and right halves of the pelvis are separated at front and rear, the front opening more than the rear, i.e. like opening a book. Depending on the severity, this may require surgical reconstruction.