The safety of conventional nail polishes is coming under scrutiny.

For healthy life and natural beauty you should care your skin, We provide some tips for care of hands. These hand care tips protect your skin from damage.

Perfect Nails Every Time! This is great since I cannot afford to get my nails professionally done!

Beauty Tips. - Perfect Nails Every Time!

Dab the Q-tip in the Vaseline or lotion, carefully wipe Q-tip on the skin around your nails, being careful not to get it on your actual nail bed, paint your nails as usual, then se a new Q-tip to clean up any leftover Vaseline or lotion residue

In love with the classic pink and white.. Love getting other designs but I always come back to this.

French manicure is the go-to nail style of many women. Discover how to do the classic French manicure and its modern versions like the reverse French manicure.

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Never go to the nail salon in Southland Mall, horrible job they did on my nails, but on a Sunday, it was my only option!

My address is "Hollywood"~

OPI "My Address is Hollywood". summer come already so i can paint my nails pretty bright colors like this!

Da braucht  man  etwas  Feingefühl und Muse aber eine sehr ausgefallene Idee

A Simple Diagonal nails with scotch tape. 12 amazing DIY nail art designs using scotch tape.

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fter a harsh summer and wearing sandals all the time your feet needs some TLC. Make those unsightly calluses things of past, embrace softer and healthier feet. All you need to make callus remover is: