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I love this mans face, like seriously I want it, if there was a man that looked like him or Hiddles OR both, yeah I want that.

Dr Who Time Hand Pulled Limited Edition Screen by BarryDBulsara, $40.00

Search "Weeping Angels" on google. Read the wikipedia. You will never blink when you see a statue ever again.

Don't Blink. I'm still terrified of weeping angel statues.

Don't Blink....Doctor Who Print - David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who - $25

Aaaaand another moment ruined, courtesy of Stephan Moffat.

Some people say this show is confusing. I say it doesn't insult the intelligence of its audience.

I have seen and read about so many scary creatures, but the Weeping Angels are by far the ones that scare me the most! lol

I personally like to imagine that Calvin is a time lord who used the Chameleon Arc to turn himself human. He has a companion(Hobbes), A time machine(his cardboard box) and a very Ten-ish hairdo.

It's so sad, but...funny...maybe? I DON'T KNOW WHAT ARE MY EMOTIONS DOING.