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Giclee Print Typography Poster Wall Decor, Inspirational Quote Art Print, Motivational Quote Wall Decor Poster, Inspiring Motivating Poster

Victor Hugo Quote Typed on Typewriter and Framed. $12.00, via Etsy. #quotes #motivation #motivationalquotes

from Baby Names Log

Popular Baby Names 2013

I always look over my shoulder thinking let's not repeat those mistakes instead of looking to the future!!

from The Berry

You’re just somebody that I used to know (25 photos)

I wanna say that I would, that I wouldn't have messaged you, but I know it's not true. Even after all this, if I could go back I would still choose you because I've always felt this way about you even when we were kids. I will always feel this way about you. And it sucks

No words were needed though many were said, we always had that connection, that inexplicable feeling ... The way you looked at me, the intensity with which I could feel your every emotion with just one gaze, you could never say the words again and I'd know you loved me just by how you looked at me.