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Men & women smile for the camera on & around the bunks that are lined up under the clearly visible roof of a South East London railway arch, probably in November 1940. In the background, the ladies' lavatory can be seen. It is not possible to identify which of the many railway arches used as air raid shelters during the WW2 is featured in this sequence of photographs, although it is probable that it is at Dockley Road in Bermondsey.

Air raid shelter beds, 1940

A young woman plays a gramophone in an air raid shelter in north London during 1940.

Civilians in an air raid shelter in London [1940]

Cupboard air raid shelter at a day nursery in the East End of London

The ARP's wont let Hitler and his bombs deter them from celebrating Christmas, they are seen here decorating an air raid shelter.

London Transport - withdrawal of First Class services from the Underground, 1 February 1940.

24 Oct 1940, England, UK --- A woman wears a surgical mask to protect others from her cold in a British air raid shelter during World War II. --- Image by ? Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS

Anderson Shelter 1940. These bomb shelters were given free to needy people by the U.K.goverment in 1939.If you earned more than 5 Pounds a week you had to buy one for 7 Pounds. Soon after Sept. 1939 over 2 million families had these shelters in their gardens. from Etiennedup on flickr

Start Your Summer Offensive Now! ...WWII Wartime Manual For Housewives ~ 1942 Lysol ad.

London Transport - Underground station air raid shelters notice, 1939 by mikeyashworth,