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The Hippie Era- 1969

"Make Love, Not War, Baby!!!" I was sitting here the other day, completely BLANK, not knowing what to write about... Then it came to me... The Hippie Era! But after thinking about it for a moment, I wasn't sure what I wanted to say about it! So,...

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Woodstock, 1969. oh to have been there!

hippie van my son is restoring a van just like this (called Bonny Blue) ....this might be it !

I love this photo! What a cool little girl already embracing the boho, not knowing she would be making Woodstock history!

Love every single thing about this. Love her. Wish I was her. Apparently, it was taken at Woodstock. How she looked so impeccable, intricate face paint umsmudged, is beyond me. In a temp-controlled environment, my eyeliner barely stays until noon...

July 31- August 2, 1970: Powder Ridge Rock Festival.

Woodstock Aug.1969-my mother was about 5 months pregnant with me when she went! The fruit doesnt fall far from the they say

Dancing is all about feeling free... Only those who have freedom in their soul can experience the joy of dancing with wanton abandon... Only a dancer will fall in love with each note. Only a dancer understands elation...

Woodstock, 1969 I should have been born a hippie about ten years earlier!