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  • Bailey Johnson

    How British Are You? I got a doctor who reference in my score lol

  • Claire

    WOULD YOU CARE FOR SOME TEEEEEEEEA? [you read that in a daleks voice] << This is the most British picture I’ve ever seen. << "never turn down tea if it’s offered to you. It’s impolite, and that’s how wars start" - The 8th Doctor << So this is how the time war started!!<< I love you, fellow whovians!<< We are a great group of people

  • ttu

    This 'Dalek Maid' could have gone in several of my categories. I would LOVE to have one of these around the house. #DoctorWho #Dalek

  • Hannah Green

    Well that's a relief! I got As British as a Dalek serving afternoon tea! How British Are You?

  • Catherine Lewis

    This is my lifelong dream right here: to have a Dalek, not only as a butler but as a friend. That way, if I ever come home after a hard day, he'll greet me with, "GREETINGS, MY LADY! SHALL I EXTERMINATE ANYONE FOR YOU TODAY?" And I'll just say, "No, tea is fine." And he'll reply, "VERY WELL, MY LADY; I SHALL EXTERMINATE YOUR THIRST."---that would be FANTASTIC <<-- See, this is why I love internet fandom friends more than real people.

  • Whitney Lagasse

    Husband just told me to stop looking at this stuff, cause I keep saying, "We need, we need, we need"

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