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Good-bye Chicken-pox, Haring

chicken pox

Tuttomondo, Haring

LEGO famous paintings



Painter Palettes: Paul Gauguin

Salvador Dali drawing a penis on the forehead of a woman and signing it with Picasso’s signature this is my favorite picture

The science behind vitamins. Get rid of those deficiencies!

killer #health

CDC Now Admits 1 in 50 School Children with Autism Time to Stop Ignoring the Vaccine Connection

sinus remedy

The A to Z guide of the food industry's most evil ingredients

Umbrellas, Renoir


To Sleep or Not to Sleep - the dangers of sleep deprivation. #sleep #health #infographics #sleeptips

AVOID THESE 10 Worst Sources of Aspartame

Michelangelo’s Handwritten 16th-Century Grocery List

A Wheatfield with Cypresses, Van Gogh

Femme fatale: Gerda Wegener's husband, Einar Wegener. (Lili Elbe )