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Tiny stone cottage window, being climbed all over by some happy pink roses...pure romance!

roses window.............climbing rose on cottage it..:)

❤❤❤ Copyrights unknown. Climbing rose window.

Rose Cottage Garden: roses around the window

climbing rose window inpiration-nature

Climbing Roses Window...beautiful

rose covered garden window

Climbing rose #Rose garden

Pink rose window

climbing roses

climbing roses are always good, always make a doorway beautiful. dustjacketattic: provence: france | by clary pfeiffer

Tara Dillard: Spikes in wall with wire to trellis Climbing rose in Provence: France

Climbing roses in Provence, France

Climbing Roses; the color of the door with the green on the roses is stunning!

provence: france | by clary pfeiffer Pink climbing roses at front door

Double green door - Destinations | Provence: France

Pink roses~Provence, France~ photo clary pfeiffer

flower adorned French entry



Peter Beales Roses.. gorgeous. Roses are my Backyard Change, Patti M. Oh My, Is that her yard?

flowersgardenlove: Peter Beales rose Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers

Peter Beales Roses.. gorgeous! Working with Mother Nature.

Peter Beales Roses.. gorgeous

peter beales climbing rose

Peter Beales rose #gardens

Just beautiful roses...

Pink Rose Garden

   Climbing Roses Climbing roses are ornamental garden plants grown for  their beautiful flowers. These modern roses are trailing shrubs. Their slender stems can be trained to ascend trellis. The stems grow long  and arching canes  that can be tied up and trailed along fences, walls and trellises. They form a colorful backdrop  for borders and they are fantastic for covering structures. They transform bare fences, walls and trellises into beautiful focal points. These roses show greater resistance to diseases. Climbing roses have large flowers similar to other garden roses which are typically held singly or in small groups and they usually have the ability to repeat blooms. Climbing roses are grown for their beautiful flowers which range in color from white through various tones of yellow and pink to dark crimson and maroon and most have a delightful fragrance. How to grow climbing roses: Climbing roses prefer full sun, so the spot you plant them in should receive 6 hours of sun per day. These roses need well draining nutrient rich soil. 1) Choose a spot with plenty of space. Remove 6 inches of top soil and replace it with soil from another part of your garden. 2) Mix the new soil generously with compost and allow to settle for 2-3 weeks. 3) Dig a hole 18 inches wide. It should be large enough for the roots to spread out. 4) Sprinkle some rose fertilizer at the base of the hole. 5) Before planting a bare root rose remove and discard the packing material and soak the roots for a few hours. 6) Place the rose plant in the hole, carefully spread the roots out. 7) Fill the hole with water and let drain. 8) Add soil back in the hole until roots are fully covered and the soil is leveled. 9) Tamp down the soil with your hands gently. 10) Newly planted roses need 1 inch of water per week throughout their first growing season. Climbing roses grow vigorously and bloom more prolifically if fertilized several times during growing season. They are excellent for limited flat space garden area that have a lot of open vertical space to climb up and elegantly drape the area with beautiful blooms.    

Beautiful fountain and pink climbing roses against a white painted brick wall

White walls, pale pink rose, aged stone water feature - beautiful.

Wall fountain and climbing roses

touches of garden whimsy ~ Wall fountain and climbing roses

Fire and Water Features | Wall fountain and climbing roses

: : water garden : : Wall fountain and climbing roses

Ana Rosa / garden fountain / rustic charm

antique water fountain and pink roses

wall fountain with pink roses

summer! new dawn climbing rose

Arbor with New Dawn rose seaside cottage ; Gardenista. trellis on either side of entrance for white climbing roses

10 Ideas to Steal from English Cottage Gardens ....Arbor with New Dawn rose seaside cottage ; Gardenista

I wish my climbing rose at my front entrance did this well! I think I will have to put a screen door on my side entrance. A climbing rose would do FABULOUS there!

A screen door with a beautiful new dawn climbing rose growing over it.

climbing roses arbor welcomes guests

screen door climbing pink roses

Roses over a back door.

Round-up : 20 Beautiful Outdoor Spaces :: This is Glamorous

New Dawn climbing rose - Gardening For Today

window and stairs love this aged terracotta wall color and the window sill is amazing... love all the geranium pots and the sweet climbers... Perfect courtyard inspiration

Potted plants on the Window ledge...I like the bright sunny walls contrast with the plants

stairs, yellow wall, shelf and flowers -- all of it

love flower boxes or containers on window sills!

stairs, yellow wall, window, plants - perfect!

potted plants on window ledge and stairs

Flowerpots on Windowsill

Beautiful window box

ventana florida

It's that time of year again!  Time to start planning window boxes and gardening ideas. Here are some window garden ideas from around the world - some quaint, some charming, some very colorful, some mellow and all just lovely. Hope you find some 'pinspiration' here...........(all were found on Pinterest)! Enjoy! Love this look - European Castle Combe, England Considered to be the most beautiful village in England Helena Bernald Photography Colorful! Pretty - Kelly's Photography Isn't this charming? Lovely! Spring bulbs! Rustic and charming. France - just lovely! Italy - beautiful! Soft blue with a touch of pink - sometimes less is more - simply charming! Charming detail! Just lovely! Christy Repasy windowbox Pinterest

Climbing roses.

Yellow roses, sunshine, happiness and always a reminder of my wedding day and my #Rose flowers #Rose garden #Roses

Planting yellow rose bushes in memory of my dad. They were his #Rose garden #Roses|

Yellow roses, sunshine, happiness and always a reminder of my wedding day and my #Roses #Rose flowers #Rose garden|

Planting yellow rose bushes in memory of my dad. They were his #Roses #Rose garden #Rose flowers

Climbing yellow #Roses #Rose garden #Rose flowers|

Another day in mom's (Ruby's) rose garden. Roses grow so well for her. It's as if they, too, have been waiting for paradise to really show their beauty as a glorious shout of praise to The Supreme Artist who made them! So far, mom has 5 rose gardens: a red one, a collection of every shade of pink, a glowing yellow group, trellises of bi-colored climbing roses, and a new grouping of peach and orange shades. We have coffee and dessert in the middle of a different garden every time we visit!

Climbing roses - love the look of roses on old wooden fences

Rough wood fence and bright climbing roses, nice combo

Nice rustic fence with gorgeous yellow roses!


Garden gate, reminds me of my aunties old gate outside her bungalow , now knocked down for a more modern home , ashame they are not here

garden gate - have my old gate from my old house fence ;)

rustic garden gate. I so want to go through this.

Art love this garden gate and fence garden-ideas

rustic garden gate, old wire fencing

Old wire fence and iron gate.

old wire fencing & gate

A secret garden gate


pink roses rustic door. What more could I gal who loves vintage, rustic and there is just something about doors that create within me a curiosity mode of thinkin' and I want to explore the story that is contained beyond them.

MEET ME IN THE GARDEN <3 Lovely pink rose in front of this old shabby chic garden door.

Lovely pink rose in front of this old shabby chic garden door

Bright pink Roses in front of a white, weathered door

Beautiful door and climbing rose.

climbing roses and rustic door

Pink Roses & White Door

Secret garden door

doors & windows

Climbing roses and cottage door!

Red door & window. Yes please! #red #doors #myobsessionwithreddoors

thatched stone cottage with red door and climbing roses

Red door & window. #red #doors #house #architecture

Inviting red door & window in a thatched cottage

Red door & window + climbing roses

Red door on English cottage

A beautiful door

Country cottage

garden blues in the flowers, furniture, retaining wall tiles and lamp

outdoor space blue and green

english garden blue glass

.Blue table and chairs

garden blue garden

beautiful garden

bohemian gardens

secret garden

small garden

breadandolives: |Source|

secret #garden design #garden design ideas #modern garden design|

Reminds me of My Secret Garden. A wonderful place to hide with someone handsome and sexy.

Climbing roses / Repinned by Llewellyn Landscape and Garden Design

around the back door.../New Dawn climbing rose | the graceful gardener

KeepStringLights: New Dawn climbing rose | the graceful gardener

New Dawn climbing rose | the graceful gardener:

Outdoor curtains and climbing roses

Secret Garden Room

Outdoor space

Climbing roses.

This is the bedroom window of our "Rose" Cottage.Wake up to the smell of roses as the light breeze fills the room with the light, sweet smell of roses.

I want a window like this! The climbing pink roses just make it . . . Special!

In The Garden All That Is Beautiful | Serafini Amelia| Pink Climbing Roses

Lovely pink roses around a charming cottage window... yes, please!

Climbing roses outside your window ~ Rose Cottage

Pink climbing roses frame a cottage window.

Climbing pink roses over a cottage window

Climbing #roses #garden

Pink flowers on a vine

english garden

Private garden. Sussex. Blue garden gate. Clematis 'The President'. John Glover Love this, wish I could have a secret door

Private garden. Sussex. Blue garden gate. Clematis 'The President' *looks like the entrance to "The Secret Garden" <3*

Purple clematis and green garden gate in Sussex, England • photo: John Glover. Made me think of "The Secret Garden."

Garden gate in Sussex, Charlene Odom. So many photos make me think of The Secret Garden.

The Cool Shades of Blue Set the Tone Around This Cottage Garden Gate...

Arched portal, garden, green door, english garden

secret garden beautiful door

English garden gate

Home Garden Decor Ideas Click here to download garden door Click here to download Garden Gate Click here to download secret garden Click here to download / Gardens / Click here to download

beautiful climbing red rose

I love flowers like this'd climbing rose bush so beautiful on a stone wall Stunning Red Rose Garden Wall

CLIMBING ROSES // Great Gardens & Ideas // I need to get me a real nice RED rose. Someday I would like to have a pretty rose garden.

Red Roses on a stone wall. There is nothing like a climbing rose on a wall to make you want to live in the garden. So pretty :)

{<3} Stunning Red Rose Garden Wall. Red roses and particularly Dublin Bay are my favourite roses.

Stunning red roses I love FLOWERS like this climbing rose so beautiful on a stone wall

Red Rose Garden #Beautiful Flowers|

knock-out red flowers climbing a stone wall

Climbing Red Roses on red brick wall


love these climbing roses

Just perfect....these pink flowers and vines with cream doorway make the ultimate girly door! #frontdoor #english #british

climbing pink roses with a white door Which climbing roses grow well in Mintgomery?

Climbing rose on either side of garage door. Beautiful pale pink roses.

Climbing Roses | to plant between garage door and front door?

Pink Roses - Garden Ideas (via

Front Door Full of Pink Flowers

gorgeous climbing roses Click here to download Pink roses Click here to download Great idea for garage door. Paint to look like mahagany Click here to download roses, climbing roses over an arbor Click here to download

climbing roses

stone house with pink roses- I have the stone house, now I must get some gorgeous climbing roses!! #Garden_Decor #Garden_Decor_Ideas #Garden_Design

stone house with pink roses- I have the stone house, now I must get some gorgeous climbing roses!! ___ Click the Link in my Bio <@jurale13> & what you will find there use it as a Gift.

**stone house with pink roses- I have the stone house, now I must get some gorgeous climbing roses!!

english cottage and pink climbing roses / cottage garden

english cottage, stone cottage, pink roses:

Climbing pink roses. Cottage garden charm.

English Country Cottage ~ Thatched roof, climbing roses ♥ by Joao.Almeida.d.Eca on

Better Homes & Gardensfrom Better Homes & Gardens

Trellis Design Ideas: Wall-Mount Trellises

Love this wall trellis. Imagine how stunning it will be when the climbing roses fill it!

Another Pinner Wrote: Custom Wall-Covering Trellis - Wall-mount trellises can be as small as a picture frame or as large as the side of a building. Here, wood lattice enlivens a huge outdoor wall and acts as a support for climbing roses

#garden interior design #modern garden design|

wall trellis ideas | Trellis Design Ideas: Wall-Mount Trellises - Interior Home Design

trellis House mounted trellis' Love it!

what a cute yard idea - protractedgardenprotractedgarden




Susan Rios. *I don't know if she the designer or a person the previous Pinner was sending this to. Either way...I love this!*

White Roses, Wicker & A Window ~ Cozy little back patio nook ~ Summer dream

Garden Terrace by Susan Rios ~ white climbing roses ~ cozy patio

Beautiful place to just sit

A cozy outdoor space

White roses patio

outdoor living

secret garden

White Garden

Beauty-covered trellis

#MazzTuinmeubelen--- #Inspiratie #Decoratie #Roos #Rozen #Tuin #Rose #Garden #Rosegarden #Decorations #Home

White roses ♥♥♥ re pinned by

Great for a country wedding -rose arbor

Rose arbor - rose 'Venusta Pendula'

White rose arbor - amazing

Beautiful garden arbor

White rose arbor

White gardens

Climbing roses - Gardening Season

shed ideas

Barn Window Raised planter AND windowbox - love this idea for our new house at both bedroom windows.

Rustic Splash of Flowers: dress up the ranch with flower boxes.- WINDOW BOX FOR BACK SHED

Country flower boxes made from old wood More Farms House, Country Home, Flower Gardens, Outdoor Flower, Country Life, Plants Flower, Flower Boxes, Window Boxes, Old Barns Beautiful outdoor flower arrangement... Interesting idea for window boxes and old barn wood/stone for a planter at the base. Rustic! via Christina Ceuppens on Country Life Typical scene at old country homes in Virginia. Rustic Splash of Flowers: dress up the ranch with flower boxes.- WINDOW BOX FOR BACK SHED Window of an old farm house... love the pretty flowers! ♥♥♥ Plant flowers around chicken coop. LOVE. Check more at

Rustic window flower boxes, etc. BEAUTIFUL!!!

~love the rustic feel~ Container gardening

Beautiful window box primitive garden idea

Rustic barn window and flower boxes

Rustic Window Box and Planter

Country Living ~ flower box