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Tibetan man. The resemblance to Native Americans is very obvious here despite the 1000's of years separating genetic develoment of 2 the peoples. ** A handsome man with a lovely gentle face.

**A Huli man. Papau New Guinea, If you care about Tibet and preserve conscious cultures that won't harm the planet, sign this petition, www.himalayan-fou... nfo@himalayan-fou...

Quechua, Jungle, Peru - Chaska commented she ate one of these and it was good--better fried---eeee!

Another image out of Africa that is just stunning to me. She is a Krobo girl. The Krobo people are famous for making the most beautiful beads from recycled, pulverized glass (soda bottles). I'm always on the hunt for antique, African, trade beads, so I have a lot of fave pics of these people. Look at her hair! That's EXTREMELY reminiscent of ancient Egyptian hair styles! Don't ya think?

A young woman in Peru. Repinned by Elizabeth VanBuskirk. (Probably she is from Chahuaytire, above Piscac where women weave beautiful beaded jakimas (narrow woven bands) for their hats). See another girl from Chahuaytire below.

her nose looks like balls

Africa | A Pokot woman | © Rita Willaert. These necklaces are made out of woven from natural materials such as reeds, strands from the Doum palm, or the stems of the asparagus tree or sedge grass. This is decorated with beads, buttons, etc a mixture of animal fat and red ochre.

Kau, Nuba, Sudan

A portrait of an old lady near Jirghitol, in the north east of Tajikistan... by Gabriel Olivier