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    Crowdsourcing a better milk jug | Cool International

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      A Throwback Thursday Moment to December 2013. Read on to find out what Flipora really is all about!

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      Cool International calls us the 'Pandora for Websites.' Do you agree?


      Crowdsourcing a better milk jug | Cool International

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    Throwback to when Flipora joined the big kids on the block. #TBT

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    Don’t Miss Out on Your Favorite Sites on Flipora. Read this blog to find out more!

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    Flipora knows how to do it best.

    Here we tell you how Flipora knows what's good for you and how!

    Technology is not only a critical part of learning, but an essential tool for communication and engagement.

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    “Data is the new oil,” said Andrea Weigend, Stanford’s Head of the Social Data Lab, also the former Chief Scientist at Amazon. To the disadvantage of companies, technology is evolving faster than the workforce’s ability and skills to make sense of it, and organizations across all sectors need to adapt quickly to the new reality or perish.

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    Did You Know? Flipora was named among the 10 Hot Companies to work for in the SF Bay area?

    'Think Pandora for music and Pinterest for pictures. Flipora is that “it site” for their own category.' - PBG Lifestyle Magazine