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Barn Wood Clock with Rusted Roof Metal & 100 by KentuckyReBarn, $45.00

French wristwatch by Verger Freres c. 1925

French marble mantel set 8 days bell striking clock

Big size French Comtoise clock with a separate hour bell and a half hour bell on the top of the clock 1755.

pour les boules à neige ?

Big Size Comtoise Mangumwhitehouse Clock Shop

Huge Antique French Station Clock....worn & shabby with rusted hands.

French Lantern Clock 1720

French Cartel Clock

Bulls eye clock 1855 in mahogany (George a Lion)

French ( a Metz) mantel clock 1840

Big Ben, Westminster, London cc73_02867 (by English Heritage)

1920's Cartier diamond set wristwatch.

Bracket clock, J. Paulet, maker, London, ca. 1710

Encino Park Liquor, Encino, CA, by Marc Shur

Steampunk Clock by Erin Keck

Antique gilt strut clock in the manner of Thomas Cole, 1858

Eternal clock by Robbert van der Steeg

English clocks

Warwick Fortress Masterman Dual-Neck Electro-Acoustic Bass Guitar design incorporates exotic hardwoods, bell brass components, and precision gold timepieces, all craftily combined by hand by Kevin Barnard.

Lincoln Park Bath House Albany, New York Seth Thomas Type 2 Tower Clock Four Faces Installed 1933

Everette Building Clock by Duane Carothers

American Clock & Watch Museum - Bristol, CT

Once the Puértolas factory of syphons and carbonated water, Barcelona Spain by Arjan Richter, via Flickr

Sundial at Eyam by sbox, via Flickr