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  • Deborah

    In September of 1887, a young reporter for the New York World concocted an elaborate ruse in order to get herself confined within the asylum to report on the conditions from within. "Ten Days in a Mad House" went on the be Nellie Bly's break through piece of journalism, not only proving her mettle as a truly extraordinary young journalist, but also bringing much needed attention to the dismal conditions within the city's metal health system.

  • Rachel Adams

    Abandoned elegance - Why do I love stairs so much??

  • Blair Blumenscheid

    Abandoned elegance. I'm fascinated by abandoned places!

  • Geeky Tomboy

    New York City Lunatic asylum staircase: the inspiration for the grand lobby and staircase in American Horror Story: Asylum. If I was crazy I would want to come to this beautiful nuthouse

  • Azia Gillotte

    Stairwell in abandoned building

  • Sally Case

    Abandoned Beauty ...

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Stunning photograph of spiral stairs in the British Columbia Cancer Research Center in Vancouver.

derelict stairwell of grand building... of glamourous ladies sweeping down to a ball...and maids plodding up & down at the masters beck and call....these could tell some stories!

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such craftsmanship, so much glory. just as beautiful in its state of decay as it was probably was the day it was complete. the true beauty - one can see the passion of the tradesman, artists, designers and craftsman that went into every nail hammered, every stroke of paint brushed, every piece of wood carved.

...once a lovely farmhouse, filled with life and love****now just a memory of what it used to be...

The Tulip Stairs, inside the Queen's House, Greenwich Park in London.

I want to go in these places and reclaim/repurpose these lost items so they can have life again instead of turning to dust.

Apparently this is an abandoned nursing home. This is beautiful. I wish i could have seen it in its heyday.