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  • Marcella Roberts

    Pruning guide to have handy

  • Anita Brandvold

    When to prune everything....a good guide to keep handy...especially since I don't have a green thumb!

  • Pam Wright

    The Party Goddess! Marley Majcher #prune #gardening #ideas

  • Judy Gandy

    Lots of good information. Includes downloadable guides to pruning trees, evergreens, fruit trees, shrubs, roses and berry plants.

  • Tonya Allison

    When to prune everything. A great guide to keep handy.

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When to prune everything....a good guide to keep handy.

prune roses just as or before new growth emerges from the canes (cut off the wood that died over the winter. this will promote strong, healthy shoots that will produce lots of blooms. it will also give plants a more open habit (?) which helps them resist diseases like black spot

Pines - True pines are more particular about their pruning needs than other needle-leaf evergreens. Pines form buds only at branch tips before the stem becomes woody. For best results, prune pines only in the candle stage -- before the new shoots turn woody and before the needles have fully expanded. Prune only a portion of the new growth, removing up to half of the expanding candle.

Hydrangeas - Older types bloom on old wood, so do not prune before midsummer. Newer varieties are less critical.

Pruning promotes healthier blooms in the spring.

What to Prune When lilac and forsythia should be pruned late spring - immediately after they finish blooming. Hydrangeas bloom on old wood. Prune these types of hydrangeas before midsummer. If you prune them in winter or early spring, you'll be removing flower buds

Tips for Pruning Roses Make pruning more efficient with these seven general tips.

Pruning Lavender ............ Exactly what I was looking for .... my lavender is so huge and I did not know how to to this!!