Positive Affirmations....LOVE THIS!!!

positive quotes outstanding

God changes......I love this!

God's love letter to us

Love this.

Think God can't use you?

pray for your husband

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Good reminders.

Every girl (and woman) ... everyone needs to read this post. Anyone who has ever felt insecure, unloved, not appreciated or not valued NEEDS to hear these words! You are beautiful, and let me tell you why... PLUS any of these images that you like are free to keep for encouragement. ***Please share this with all the beautiful women you know***

Yes, its long, but so WORTH THE READ!!

Might have posted this already but still love it

Women of God

If I ever have a daughter....1 Peter 3:3 for a little girls bathroom

And He really likes a good mistery. I' m waiting 4 a plot twist

As much as I tend to dislike these types of teenage love things, I like this one... it's pretty cute

Kindalll! The princess talk :)