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  • Carly

    Take a look at this little guy! #lizard #cute #smile #reptile #cute_animal

  • Ruth Ann Sparks

    The first thing you should put on every morning is a happy face!

  • Ty Carberry

    I also know a good one: A policeman caught a nasty little boy with a bb gun in one hand and a lizard in the other. "Now Listen here," the policeman said, "Whatever you do to that poor, defenseless creature I shall personally do to you" "In that case," said the boy. "I'll kiss it's butt and let it go"

  • Cheryl H

    Baby chameleon... proof we can all smile!

  • Gwen Angleton

    okay...I looked at this guy and wanted to make some sort of reference to dinosaurs about him (since that is what I do with all lizards), but the only thing I could think of was something like "gosh, I wonder if dinosaurs were ever this adorable" and that just didn't seem dignified enough...alas, I shared it with you anyway.

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