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Use a rubber band for stripped screws.

fun life hacks

How to have your house smell like Pottery Barn. I did this today. Whole house smells SOOOOOO good!!

I have wasted countless gallon ziplock bags when traveling - just unscrew the lids and put some plastic wrap over the opening then screw the lid back on for a much easier spill solution! Genius!

invest once in a frame with nice(r) glass-type material... change the text / background any time to match your new decor. Such a great idea.

Thumb tack and magnet with whatever you want to decorate with. Genius!

I want to do this with the flowers from my bouquet someday


Pack plates with foam disposable plates between them. So much easier than wrapping with paper. and you'll have the foam plates to use after you move in. No one needs a ton of dishes to do while unpacking!

Love this, I always love scrapbook paper but never have a need for it. Basement, bedroom, or playroom idea

Cute way to wrap a napkin around party utensils.

cloth flowers in shadow boxes. Love it but I don't think I could make that lol

Trick to keep a strapless bra from slipping. This works! I had one on all day yesterday and didn't have to pull it up once!

"The game has changed forever." My beach trips will never be the same !

Dramatic flower garland

workout, gym, workout accessories, gym accessories, water, water bottle, on the go,

belt bow

Creative DIY Gift Ideas (13 Pictures) - Snappy Pixels - hello for Kimberly

Baking soda mixed with shampoo! Hair feels so light and has crazy volume. It removes all the product build up Wow! Also use baking soda and water as a face mask for 15 minutes to dry up oil in your pores.

Think again, burglars

{How to Make Mason Jar Soap Dispensers} I'm so doing it !!!

An absolutely magical lighting feature. Truly like floating stars since the wires almost disappear. Find em on Amazon

Tissue paper ironed between 2 sheets of wax paper - wrapping for giving away baked goods

This site is like Oriental Trading, but for adults. I think I just died and went to crafty heaven!!

Tissue paper flower- cute for presents or maybe bulliton boards