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  • cecelia blackson

    In this picture it is a tornado it has grey clouds and the funnel is white and at the end of the funnel is brown and that is all the dirt that the funnel is picking up and throwing around. I love tornadoes I fell in love with them when I saw the movie called, "Twister" and after that I told my mom I want to chase them. I fell bad for people that live in places where they get hit with these cause they lose so much they lose things that can not be replaced and they lose friends and family members

  • Gitte Daphne Lætgaard Tinning

    Mother Nature! skypumpe, clouds, field, storm, surreal, amazing, panorama, landscape, powerful, photo.

  • This Is Taylor

    Mother Nature! #tornado #mothernature #nature #storm #twister

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Volcanic eruption / Puyehue Chile (The heat and friction of the gas/ash cloud often produces violent lightning)

June 5, 2011 | a volcano in the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle chain of south-central Chile erupted after lying dormant for more than 50 years. The government evacuated several thousand residents as Puyehue threw ash more than 6 miles into the sky, pushing the plume toward neighboring Argentina. Authorities had already put the area around the volcano on alert after a flurry of earthquakes earlier on Saturday -- at one point, the tremors reached an average of 230 per hour.

The Campo Colorado tornado was thought to be the most photogenic tornado of 2012

I hate that this is a real place, but what a surreal and fantastical setting for a shoot this would be.

This is horrifying and beautiful at the same time.

Tornado. Parker, Colorado

These kids are crazy...but my bucket list includes doing a ride along in a Storm Chaser Humvee with all the scientific tracking devices! :)

Tornado, Parker, Colorado | Photography Atlas

Seems almost funny how much time I spend thinking about you, when you probably spend none thinking me about me.

!!!only nature can make something so deadly appear so beautiful!!!

Tornado, Parker, Colorado. Crazy how something so destructive could be so beautiful.