DIY vintage t-shirt treatment.

DIY Screen Print (University Foodie) Got a couple of images that will work aweome!!!!

Have you ever entered a home that seemed to emanate positivity, happy and relaxed energy? And then wondered, what do people feel when they enter my home? If you know the answer is not ‘good vibes and great energy’, and want to remedy that then read on! eBay shares eight ways to get you started filling your home with positive energy.

How to make a stiff t-shirt look and feel vintage.

This looks fun!

DIY Workout Shirt..just made this from an old high school shirt :)

Cute! T-shirt recycling ~

How to: Make a New T-Shirt Feel Vintage Soft

T-shirt into nice tank top.

A custom "made to fit" dress form of your very own!

DIY Dreamcatcher.

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diy shirt


To keep a treasured t-shirt, turn it into a tote. (Tank Top to Beach Tote crafts craft ideas easy crafts diy ideas diy crafts diy clothes easy diy fun diy craft fashion craft shirt fashion diy craft bag diy carry bag)

DIY shirt


Lace jeans

Break the easter egg on someone!! : lol!!....... , this might be a good way tho play the egg toss game as well. Might be less messy too! Lol.. Confetti Egg Game | Easter Party Idea more funny pranks watch here: