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was für ein Schuss!

from Style Motivation

7 Simply Amazing Places

Borealis Ersfjord
Ersfjord Norway
Before I Die
Northern Lights Norway
See The Northern Lights
Gorgeous Northern
Beautiful Places
Amazing Places
Lovely Things

northern lights


In Alaska, wood frogs freeze for seven months, thaw and hop away

Alaskan Tree
Alaskan Wood
Alaskan Frog
Cold Alaskan
Alaskan Winters
Normal Going
Normal Life
Normal Frog
Frog Real

~~Each September, the wood frogs of Alaska do a very strange thing: They freeze.They do not freeze totally solid, but they do freeze mostly solid for seven months, then they thaw and hop away | LA Times~~

Swan Tracks
Snow Tracks
Tracks 3
Winter Tracks
Goose Tracks
Swan Snow
Lead'S Swan
Making Tracks
Loch Ard

Snow Tracks

British Columbia Canada
Bc Canada
Canada Steve
Beautiful Blues
Beautiful Earth
Beautiful Places
Beautiful Shot
Beautiful Colour
Beautiful Handiwork

Reflected Aurora Borealis

Fields Netherlands
The Netherlands
Tulips Netherlands
Netherlands Amazing
Northern Netherlands
Keukenhof Netherlands
Gardens Netherlands
Keukenhof Holland
Amsterdam Netherlands

tulip fields in Holland

Cove Ketchikan
Ketchikan Alaska
Ketchikan Kayaking
Alaska Kayaking
Kayaking With Whales
Kayak With Orcas
Kayak Orca
Kayaking Trips

Kayaking with Orcas at Orcas Cove, Ketchikan, Alaska.

Festival Chiang
Festival Thailand
Peng Festival
Festival Taiwan
Festival Northern
Festival 2012
The Festival
2012 Northern
Magical Festival


Finland Igloo Hotel
Glass Igloo Finland
Hotel Igloo
Borealis Hotel
Aurora Borealis
Borealis Aka
Borealis Northern
Village Finland
Lapland Finland

glass igloo hotel