CUSTOM STEAMPUNK PIRATE ARMLET bracelet sundial & compass [ LOL! A sundial! Hilarious! What do you do when it's cloudy? ;-) ]


Steampunk before there was steampunk Circa 1570. Gold sundial ring, probably German



Cool Steampunk Armor

OOAK STEAMPUNK LAMP typewriter machine age by steampunkmountain. A must for any steampunk writer! #Steampunk

Steampunk Girl #SteamPUNK ☮k☮

Steampunk bike


The Radhost Complector shows its bearer the way to other world realms and planes of existence. Etched inside you will find many dead ends and oubliettes tempting you to stray from the paths that lead to Avalon, Atlantis, Asgard, Midgard, Helheim and tir Na Nog, home to the Fae folk and to the Cormon. But most important of all, you will find the path home.

Cool steampunk ring

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Steampunk watch steampunk



Steampunk bracer leather brass gauge tools...a custom work, but good for inspiration

Steampunk ear gear - Light Rose - Steampunk Earrings – steampunkjunq