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    • John Adams

      Bazaar in Moroni,

    • iecoAfrica

      Market in Moroni, the Comoros #Africa #Travel

    • Barbabra Barron

      ThanksVolovolo market in Moroni, Comoros if Im not mistaken. Great colours! awesome pin


      Market in Moroni, the Comoros Photo by Majeed Panahee Joo Via Flickr / majidpanahi #comoros #island #reisjunk #travel #world #explore

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    Taxidermy Ostrich, one of the wildest but coolest things I've seen in a home.

    parisian entry... and the hind end is....... in the bathroom over the toilet!

    Village Chief - Dogon Country

    Ejagham headdress from the Cross River Region in Nigeria. It is 27 inches high. the monumental hairstyle is composed of five coiled plaits or braids unusually large in African statuary and masterful in the perfection and symmetry of their coils. this hairstyle was worn by young women during initiation and the period of reclusion prior to marriage From the Merton D. Simpson collection. It sold for $305,000.

    Africa | Goat mask ~ 'Je' ~ from the Guro or Baule people of the Ivory Coast | Wood, feathers, cotton and sacrificial materials | ca. 19th - 20th century

    Biltong peppadew terrine [ ] #biltong #recipe #flavor

    Actual Sign in South Africa

    Water spirit headdress from the Ijo people of Nigeria (1930 - 1950)

    For those curious - talk like a South African

    Gorgeous shot of a Hoopoe bird, which is native to South Africa......

    Africa | Adire cloth made by Limota / Mikola Oladimeji | Ibadan, Nigeria | 20th century | Cotton; resist indigo dying

    Priest Asheten Mariam, in Lalibela, Ethiopia.

    Upholstery using traditional, formal French furniture in Kuba cloth or geometric patterned cotton and raffia from Senegal.

    AfroPolitan Living

    Taxidermy Kudu shoulder mount

    To the left . . .

    African Baskets | Woven from roots of makenge bushes by women from the tiny Mbunda tribe of Zambia.

    Okua Mask - Igala Idoma People - Nigeria Wood, dyed fabric, and natural fibers

    kwena lodge

    Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp, Namibia.

    Salampasu Mufuampo Mask, DR Congo

    African Contemporary sourced this woven table and wooden stools from Zimbabwe and the Kuba cloth from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.