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Target all your trouble zones with the Knee-Up exercise. Easy to do and really effective!

Tightening Tilt Targets: Shoulders, abs, obliques, butt, and legs Stand with heels together, toes turned out, arms by sides. Bring bent right knee out to side at hip level, touching toes to left knee, as you raise extended arms out to sides at shoulder level, palms down. Keeping upper body tall, hinge from hips 45 degrees so torso is diagonal Do 2 sets of 8 reps. alternate leg

Strength is the new skinny. Don't ever starve yourself, don't be living unhealthy, malnutrition isn't the solution. Appreciate yourself, be tone and lean. Eat in small portions, allow low-carb snacks in between. 15 minute work out can still make a difference. Think positive. Just do it --Van

Get Tank Top Ready with These 10 Exercises That Target Your Triceps

This 30-minute workout keeps you moving, mixing cardio moves with weight lifting to maximize your metabolism.

Get Summer Ready with These 10 Exercises That Target Your Triceps

10 Exercises That Target the Triceps. Goodbye to arms that continue to wave