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"i want look like royalty the day of our wedding" i say My fiancee looks at me confused. "You don't think i should?" I ask "No it's not that he says, it's just that will be difficult." He answers I widen my eyes and say furiously What?! You don't think it's possible?! Asshole! He seemed scared but then chuckled and says No it's not that at all, it's just you already are a queen so what more do you want? He says sweetly walking towards me. I scoff with a tear rolling down my cheek and.......

Mad Libs. On the back have a space for each person to write their birthdate and their address & have a space for them to write a "message" for the bride and groom. Fold in half, roll & put in "message in a bottle"

Interactive weddings leave lasting impressions on your guests and keep people talking about your event for years to come.