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Sakir Gokcebag

Anne Moore monotype

For sale on etsy Artgurl13

Original watercolor

Watercolor . ., 15$ on etsy or contact me here!



Watercolor and ink $15.00

Woodcut $15.00

Hosta $15.00 photograph

Watercolor and ink

$15.00 monotype .. On etsy artgurl13 pin it so I get exposure

Watercolor Nd ink $15.00

Watercolor Nd wood cut 4x6 $5.00 plus shipping!

Watercolor oil pastel and ink $15.00

Watercolor Nd woodcut 4x6 $5.00 artgurl13

Watercolor and wood cut 4x6 $5.00

Monotype and digital image 4x6 $5.00


Medium format 2/14 contact print on a monotype $5.00 Artgurl13 etsy

2 1/4 contact print vt on monotype etching at etsy 5.00$ Artgurl13


Blue jasper

Cool science posters!

Starry Night