Join the 52 Lists Project!  One list a week for a year.  Simple, Easy, Eye Opening, & Meditative.

Join the 52 Lists Project! One list a week for a year. Simple, Easy, Eye Opening and Meditative.


This may be my favorite journal prompt pin. Organized by topic, including a number of questions for each topic.

Love is... writing paper

"Pocket Full of Love" Math, Literacy, and Writing Valentine Themed Unit Just a little sneak peek:) Head to my Teachers Notebook st.

Journal Prompts

What a great thing to add to my journaling and how fun it would be to do with the girls. Smashbook - Even if it got filled out once a month, what a journal it would be - i'd like to do this with my students so they can see how they change in one year

I love making lists. They're easy to make, they help you stay organized, and they make for a great addition in any art journal. Whether you want to make an entire book of lists, or just include a list on an art journal page or two, you'll find these list prompts to help inspire you to create!

I saw a "list journal" at Target and loved the idea. Here is an idea of what kind of lists to put in the journal. List Love: 101 List Prompts For Your Art Journals - Art Journalist

This is my journal!!!! The I Can't Sleep Journal is a fabulous way to spend restless insomniac nights journalling about the all the things bothering you and keeping you awake. With each page of this great journal is a quote to help keep everything in perspective, such as "Most people do not consider dawn to be an attractive experience- unless they are still up," by Ellen Goodman.

I Can't Sleep

Knock Knock 'I Can't Sleep' Journal Boy Im afraid I need this!