Very true. There's no point.

So true!!

Bwahahaha Happy Friday! I snorted!!


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Epic one liners

I've tried croaking frogs, chirping birds, babbling brooks and ocean waves...every time - heart attack! One day it will kill me...when they say "she died in her sleep" it's not true - she died when her alarm clock went off!

And then you just start howling, with tears running down your cheeks ... while people around you stare at you in horror. And you can't explain because you're laughing SO hard. (And my son does the same thing!): Time, Quotes, Funny Stuff, So True

I agree.

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It's a joke, not a dick, don't take it so hard.

I have never twerked in my life, now rill I ever. And I am damn proud:)


: )

These are so true! Ha ha!