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CDV by Lytle of Baton Rouge, LA. Here are sleeves similar to the ones I saw on the extant early 1850s dress at the LA State Museum, but more complex pleating. Late 1850s, I'd say. This image helps to contextualize the style of the dress I saw and link it more to Louisiana.

Tiger Drive In....Baton Rouge Louisiana


Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Photo by Andy New.

FOLKS were sold some "BILL OF GOODS" - and they have loved it ever since! DONT JUST PIN! THINK, READ & LEARN!! …3 SLAVES??? Well, this was largely work of orphanages in the South seeking money from RICH WHITE DONORS in the North in the 1860s. Agencies used alot of mixed-breed Children in posters, and it seem to have worked quite well. Click image to see more of the great PR job!

Women from India, Japan, and Syria who completed their education as physicians in Philadelphia, 1885

Isaac and Rosa 1863. Rosa is mixed race ancestry. Both were former slaves. Historic photos of "white" slaves

Street Scene with "Service for Colored" Sign. New Orleans by Leonard Freed, 1965

Marion Post Wolcott photo for the FSA: Bayou Bourbeau plantation, a Farm Security Administration cooperative, vicinity of Natchitoches, Louisiana, August, 1940

Character Postures/Writing: When we think about describing a character, we often think of listing items like hair colour, eye colour and body type. However, we learn much more about a character from other types of descriptions including the character’s posture.