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Explore Rudraksha Ratna, Rudraksha Beads, and more!

Rudraksha beads and Gemstones have mystic and healing properties, when used in the right way they help balance energy Chakras of the human body leading to good health, there mystic properties include protection from physical and mental harm.

Trijuti rudraksha wearing benefits the brahma-vishnu-shiva conjoined rudraksha, Trijuti Rudraksha brings good health, wealth and knowldege.

1 mukhi Rudraksha Wearing Benefits Wearing one Mukhi Rudraksha fulfills all desires and helps attain spiritual insight. It is good for relieving brain and nerve related disorders with several healing benefits for mind, body and emotions.

A 12 mukhi rudraksha is ruled by Lord Sun. Wearer is blessed with confidence, self-power, energy, good health and motivation in life. Do visit: or call us on: +91-9224301853, +91-22-25159915 / 25155957

As per ancient Hindu Vedas and Puranas, Rudraksha beads and Gemstones have mystic and healing properties, which when harnessed in the right way can propel an individual on the path of Wealth, Success and Abundance.

6 mukhi Rudraksha Wearing Benefits ? Six Mukhi Rudraksha provides vigour and courage to the wearer. It removes laziness and fatigue by bringing willpower and increased stamina. It pacifies negative influence of Mars and promotes good health.

Mangal Dosh or Mangal Drishti in one’s astrological chart may affect business, career, marriage, health and luck. Rudraksha and gemstones are highly influential in Mangal Dosh Nivaran by confronting marriage, family and career obstacles.

Shani carries the reputation of a giver as well as destroyer. We need to revere Shani to be blessed with riddance from problems and worries. Rudraksha and Gemstones are powerful entities for those undergoing the effects of Sade Sathi or Saturn return.

The Pashupatinath avatar of Lord Shiva is considered as the most sacred one, Worshiping Pashupatinath Shivling in Ruby Gemstones bring dual benefits, blessings of Lord Shiva and benefits of Ruby gemstone. Ruby gemstone provides prosperity, name, fame, money and power, the gemstone is especially beneficial to individuals who aspire high offices.

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