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  • Jennifer Wood

    All for the Boys - Tea Rocket - fun science experiment! This is happening TODAY!

  • Whitney Ramsey

    Kid Inspiration - All for the Boys - Tea Rocket; cut tea bag, empty tea out, stand up on surface, light; when it burns to the bottom, it takes off; it goes out shortly; ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED; cool science display; I'll have to look up the science behind it

  • Pat

    Tea bag rockets

  • Teresa Araujo

    tea rocket - fun home science experiment for kids, but adult supervision is required!

  • Kristen Lynch

    Tea Rocket Experiment! We will be trying this next time we go camping, as I have visions of a basset hound catching fire should we attempt to do this indoors...

  • Neala Johnson

    Kid Inspiration - All for the Boys - Tea Rocket. Steve spangler

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  • Allen Walker

    This is cool an all but the real question is can I eat it after the experiment?

  • Bri ✌

    I mean I guess you could eat it? maybe.. you'd probably just feel a little sick or something after. idk tho id be way to grossed out to eat it lol .-.

  • Allen Walker

    I may try it. Either way it looks fun.

  • Savannah Ortega

    So is that yellow egg looking thing an egg?? what happened to the shell????

  • Sophia Jackson

    The shell broke off. I did this for science class and it was really fun. It felt like a bag made of jello when you touched it

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