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    The Best Workout for a Knockout Body

    Give fat a one-two punch with this fast-paced circuit that matches boxing-inspired cardio with strength moves so that as you lose the flab, you unveil muscle. You'll push your aerobic and anaerobic
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    Have you ever heard the saying, "It's all mental," in reference to weight loss? A study from Arizona State University shows us that a simple mental trick can help you cut calories. SHAPE editor-at-large Bahar Takhtehchian tells you how doing this simple action could help you eat 40 percent less—without even noticing!

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    Who hasn’t lost weight only to gain it back and more? And what woman, regardless of age, hasn't been dissatisfied with her size and shape? Problematic eating behaviors and weight cycling (or yo-yo dieting) are the usual longterm end results of diet programs that focus on weight loss, and many experts think that weight cycling is more harmful than never losing weight at all.

    SLEEP... this calculator tells you the best times to fall asleep depending on what time you need to wake up in the morning. Where has this been all my life???

    "It's temporary pain for long-term gain!" -Jon-Erik Kawamoto, personal trainer, strength and conditioning specialist, and owner of JKConditioning

    "Nobody gets 100 percent out of something unless they put in 100 percent." -Sonrisa Medina, group exercise instructor and certified personal trainer in Miami, FL

    "Don't ever give yourself the opportunity to ask, 'What if'?" - Jay Cardiello, strength and conditioning specialist, SHAPE fitness editor-at-large, and founder of the JCORE Accelerated Body Transformation System

    "Focus on the processes, methods, and techniques you're using while in pursuit of your goal. Studies show you'll be more successful. It's important to recognize and celebrate your hard work and dedication to stay on track." -Harley Pasternak, celebrity trainer and author of The Body Reset Diet

    "I don't have time to work out."

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    The old saying 'you snooze, you lose' couldn't be more accurate when it comes to shedding pounds. According to Dr. Oz, depriving your body of sleep can speed up the aging process and deter your weight-loss efforts. "The brain craves carbohydrates when you're tired, so you could unknowingly sabotage even the best laid plans," he says. Aim for a good seven hours (minimum) of shuteye every night to allow your body to restore and to protect vital organ functions.

    To find out exactly how much water you should be drinking, divide your body weight (in pounds) by two and aim to drink that many ounces of water every day.

    3 Bedtime Habits for Weight Loss

    New research says that vitamin D may play a crucial role in weight loss by controlling appetite and helping fat cells become more metabolically active.

    Not only does green tea have the power to stoke your metabolism, it also contains the highest concentration of catechins, antioxidants found in plants that have been found to protect against heart disease and even some cancers.

    Losing weight isn't all about cutting calories. Your brain is looking for nutrients, not calories, and [your brain] will prod you to eat until you're satisfied.

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