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    10-Minute Workout for an Athletic Butt

    Women want an athletic derriere, but sculpting your best backside should do more than help you rock your Lulus or favorite pair of jeans. The 10-minute butt-blasting workout below synergistically
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    Don't get too strict about your triathlon training. If it's too hot for a fun or the gym is closed, you can prep for another of the three events.

    Pick a triathlon training plan that fits in with your time constraints, so you stay focused and meet your goals.

    Make sure you stay hydrated when training for a triathlon or doing any kind of workout. Consider adding some electrolytes and vitamins to your drink too.

    As the weather gets colder, it's time to take workouts indoors. Try these motivation techniques to get psyched for gym time.

    Swap out your regular lunges for this reverse lunge with glider and kettlebell overhead reach. It SERIOUSLY engages your glutes and lower body.

    Work every muscle in your legs AND engage your core with this split squat move.

    Improve your core strength and stability with this forearm plank move. More advanced? Add in some arm reaches.

    Do this circuit workout from Kayla Itsines anytime, anywhere. You’ll get stronger and healthier every time you do it.

    The live studio classes from Red Hot Dance Fitness will keep you motivated and maximize your calorie burn.

    Certified personal trainer Michael Morelli fills his Periscope channel with HIIT workouts and burpees you can do anywhere.

    Technical climbs, tough obstacles, switchbacks—multitasking on a mountain bike builds up more than just riding skills.

    Mix up your workout routine by going outside.

    Ever wonder what it’s like to train like a Navy SEAL? Find out at California’s SEALFIT, which tests your physical training and mental toughness.

    Orangetheory Fitness’ nationwide studios combine strength training with cardio to give you the best workout possible.

    CrossFit is one of the toughest fitness classes in the country with its every-changing high-intensity workouts.

    Push your body to the limits with Tony Horton’s P90X—an explosive plyo workout that includes jump squats, swing kicks, and squat-reach-jumps.

    Get a well-rounded workout in less time than it takes to do your normal cardio routine with these 5 gut-busting plyo moves.

    Grab a TRX Suspension Trainer for these 7 moves that target multiple muscles.

    Vancouver’s O2X Summit Challenge Series simulates the environments Navy SEALs encounter. A new challenge for you long distance runners!

    Post-workout stretches are key to keeping your body toned and flexible.

    No need for fancy gym equipment when you can do these L-sits on a railing or bike rack.

    The classic plank gets an update with this forearm plank you can do anywhere.

    All you need is a bike rack for these strength-building Australian rows.

    Before you hop on a surfboard for the first time, grab a paddle buddy and come to terms with the fact that you’re going to wipe out. A lot.

    Build muscle and burn fat the way Madonna does with these eight explosive cardio moves.