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She was a forest, like the dark interlacing of the oak wood, humming audibly with myriad unfolding buds. Meanwhile the birds of desire were asleep in the vast interlaced intricacy of her body - D.

Elena Kalis - Underwater Alice

Elena Kalis is a photographer who is famous with underwater photography.Check out 10 Most Beautiful Underwater Photography By Elena Kalis.

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Née en Russie et résidant maintenant aux Bahamas, Elena Kalis est une de ces photographes à l’univers très particulier. Elle donne ainsi une toute nouvelle dimension à certains contes en les plongeant dans le milieu aquatique. Découvrez cette artiste aux photos surprenantes et colorées. Retrouvez la également sur son portfolio.

L’univers très aquatique d’Elena Kalis

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This is a photo of a women floating on a chair held up by balloons. In surrealism anything is possible, a women floating by balloons is only possible by imagination.

These Gorgeous Underwater Photos Will Take Your Breath Away.

Underwater art photographer Elena Kalis, Ethereal underwater photos capture a young woman's deep connection with the sea

gorgeous underwater photography :)

Underwater by Mark Mawson from his photography portfolios on Dripbook. Mark Mawson is a creative photographer based in London. He specialises in shooting underw