Neon Socks, Neon Colors. by welovecolors, via Flickr

80's gloves

80's Fashion

remember when blue mascara was a must have in junior high? You weren't cool unless you had the blue stuff from Claires

pink plastic basket purse vintage 80s . I loved mine so much! I fit everything in this!

New York Seltzer - 80s drinks

Lace gloves leggings and socks 80s fashion #FlashdanceOC

25 cents a piece... out of the vending machines... only way we could get them. I think I had, like 5, when other girls in my class had them up to their elbows. 1985. I remember thinking- wow. They have so much money!

Children of the 90s: Not So Functional 90s Fashion Trends--slouchy socks! I remember these like it was yesterday!!

kate spade new york 'licorice too' pump available at Nordstrom loving the bright yellow, wish the heel was lower.

80's style

High waisted fold-over jeans from mid to late 80's.

34 Pieces of Super 90's Jewelry

80's friendship bracelets! OMG I had so many. Used to get them from the bookmobile too:) lol

In every color, I had them!

80's kid


80's anyone??

OMG...these were everywhere in the 80's!

high heels high heel

Brooke Shields 80"s