Neon Socks, Neon Colors. by welovecolors, via Flickr

80's gloves


remember when blue mascara was a must have in junior high? You weren't cool unless you had the blue stuff from Claires

Lace gloves leggings and socks 80s fashion #FlashdanceOC

New York Seltzer - 80s drinks

80's kid

High waisted fold-over jeans from mid to late 80's.

Communication in the 80's.

In every color, I had them!

Reeboks from the 80's

80 Totally Awesome Things From The '80s * Of course MJ had his picture taken with E.T. Of course.

Things of the past (70's,80's,90's) - Dingen van vroeger (70's,80's,90's)

I loved this phone !!

Candies Shoes From the 1970s | candies 1970s shoes, candies, 70s california, shoes, high heels, 1970s

Clothing Fashion on Fancy Dress 80s Icon Punk Girl 80s Legwarmers 80s Madonna Style

You weren't kewl in the 90s if you didn't have slouchy socks

12. Best 80s Toy - Neon Plastic Clackers #KickinItAppleCheeks

acid wash.....


OMG...these were everywhere in the 80's!