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Back to School Word Search

Winter Word Search Freebie :)

Enjoy the crisp, cool, winter air with this fun word search!!!Keywords: winter, Christmas, word search, free, snow...

FREE: This word search template is designed for students to create their own word search using their spelling words. Students choose 12 words from their spelling list, add them to the word search grid, fill in the remaining boxes with letters, and then trade with a partner to find the words.

Read About Write About Dotty from JaysEducation on - (38 pages) - A simple short story about Kim and her cat. Missing words, word searches, questions and answers, forming sentences. Simple text.

Help your students learn a new word a week with these 40 word posters (that's more than enough for the entire school year!)

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Winter Weather Words Compound Word Activity + BONUS! from Lovin' Teaching! on - (16 pages) - Have some wintry vocabulary fun with this activity using weather words! An interactive bulletin board teaches students definitions for eighteen compound words that begin with �snow.� PLUS BONUS ACTIVITY! A snowy word search challenges students to find tw

Read About Write About Spotty from JaysEducation on - (50 pages) - A story about Ben and his dog. Missing words, word searches, questions and answers, forming sentences. Slightly harder text then in Dotty.

FREEBIE Word Search focusing on Good Character words, such as Respect, Honesty, Responsibility... Great activity to begin discussions at beginning of year :)

Words Under Construction-Make Word Family Words-Short o-FREEBIE from Rockin Teacher Materials on - (13 pages)

Birthday board I made for my kiddos. I downloaded the months off of Teachers Pay Teachers and used one of my fonts on Word to print out the word "birthday." The parents and kids love the new display for the classroom :)

Vocabulary notebook - Cannot tell you how much I love this idea!! Really like the Root word, prefix and suffix portion.

Back to School Ice Breaker: Student Search for grades 4-6+

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Go #paperless! Includes a student template in Word that you can share with your students digitally. "Back to School All About Me Trading Cards Activity"

Word problems for every day of the school year! Includes tons of topics. Perfect for interactive notebooks!

Every notebook needs one of these…all it takes is duct tape and ribbon! No more searching for the last entry!

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