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Cutie Pies!!!

Teacup pigs♡ playing the piano. two things I like (Piano, but mostly piggies)

Puerco Araña

What happens when ya cross a Dalmatian with a mini pig .

Awwwww the two pigs at the bottom were sticking their tongues out. SO CUTE

Meet the most adorable, popular pig! She's pretty stylish, too - she loves to lay out on the beach and pose in her cute clothes!

Tiger pigs

A tiger mother lost her cubs from premature labor. Shortly after she became depressed and her health declined, so they wrapped up piglets in tiger cloth, and gave them to the mother tiger. She now loves these pigs and treats them like her babies. so cute!

Martha Stewart Pets #SuperFan: @prissy_pig

Furry Fashion Show: See Our Martha Stewart Pets #SuperFans