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    Transformer Drive-through

    for the win

    Mario Kart.

    WHY!!! America WHY!!!

    Awesome Students, except the ones with guns....i dont understand that one...

    I'm so doing this next time i order pizza...


    How to quickly increase tips…

    A real Transformer. click to animate

    Unicorns are awesome. I am awesome. Therefore I am a unicorn. #wisdom #affirmations

    How to win at being Dad

    That mans cha cha and booty bumps are cracking me up

    Find a guy like him and marry him lol

    I wanna meet this kid. This is the perfect amount of smart assery


    This guy lives in an apartment beneath two ridiculously stupid girls. He writes down all the stupid stuff they say. I've seriously never laughed so hard ever.


    First I marveled at the guy on the bottom. Then I realized there was a dog on top. Bucket list for sure!

    This would be me

    Awesome Boyfriend :)

    Parenting win