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Adventure Time Mashups…

This is one of the greatest pins ever

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27 Things To Keep In Mind If You're Having A Bad Day

Never forget that the two people who play Wendy and Peter Pan at Disney World got married in real life. I can't handle this level of adorable

So funny.....I will never, ever hear this song ever again withOUT hearing these lyrics in my head.


She Doesn’t Stand A Chance

She Doesn't Stand A Chance

I love Boy Meets World!


Every time I play pool…

Face it...we all just want to use the chalk.


When Adele won the Golden Globe for Best Soundtrack…

Adele wins Golden Globe for Best Soundtrack. Taylor Swift does not. It's a beautiful thing.- considering her album sales, I'm sure I am in the minority in finding this hilarious because she is so annoying hahaha..


Hair colors explained

...Because the world will never make sense.


The coolest king in the world…

This is a bit surprising.....



this made me laugh


The game of Shatner…

This would be AWESOME.

Grandma Plays Cards Against Humanity


New world record holder…

the world record holder!


The Quest For The Right Song

So true.