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    William F. Claiborne aka Billy

  • Dwight

    William F. Claibourne "Billy" was an American outlaw and gunfighter in the American Old West. He was one of the survivors of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, only to be killed in another unrelated shootout a year later.

  • Tracy Byers

    billy claiborne killed with a single shot from a peacemaker by ...

  • Frans Thirion

    William F. Claiborne was an outlaw and gunfighter. He was one of the survivors of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. As a young man he worked for John Slaughter helping to drive his cattle from Texas to Tombstone in 1880. He worked as a ranch hand, miner and driver for a mining company. In 1881 William "Billy the Kid" Bonney was killed. After his death Claiborne demanded that others call him "Billy the Kid" causing him to kill one to three men who refused.

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Billy the Kid Henry McCarty (November 23, 1859 — July 14, 1881)

On April 9, after two days of testimony, McCarty (Billy the Kid) was found guilty of the murder of Sheriff Brady, the only conviction ever secured against any of the combatants in the Lincoln County War.

Gratton Hanley "Grat" Dalton (March 30, 1861 – October 5, 1892) was an American outlaw in the American Old West. As leader of the Dalton Gang he died during an ill-fated raid on a bank in Coffeyville, Kansas.

The Goodnight-Loving Trail was one of many cattle trails in the American West.

Nathaniel "Texas Jack" Reed (March 23, 1862 – January 7, 1950) was a 19th-century American outlaw responsible for many stagecoach, bank, and train robberies throughout the American Southwest during the 1880s and '90s. He acted on his own and also led a bandit gang, operating particularly in the Rocky Mountains and Indian Territory. Reed is claimed to have been the last survivor of the "47 most notorious outlaws" of Indian Territory.

Pat Garret's killing of Billy the Kid. William Henry McCarty, Jr. was only twenty-one years of age when he died of a gunshot wound at Ft. Sumner in the New Mexico Territory. He had several aliases but is best known as Billy the Kid. He was only eighteen when he killed his first man

King Fisher (1854 – March 11, 1884) was a gunslinger of the American Old West.

BILLY THE KID (William H. Bonney, William Henry McCarty, 1859-1881). American gunman and frontier outlaw. Legend claims he killed 21 men, but most likely it was somewhere between 4 to 9. Relatively unknown during his brief lifetime, his status grew to legendary proportions after his death at age 21. The Kid was killed by lawman Pat Garrett.

William H. Bonney (born William Henry McCarty, Jr. c.1859 – c.1881), better known as Billy the Kid & also known as Henry Antrim, was a 19th-century Irish American gunman who participated in the Lincoln County War & became a frontier outlaw in the American Old West. According to legend, he killed 21 men, but it is generally believed that he killed between four & nine. He killed his first man in 1877 at the age of 17, although he could have been as young as 15.

"Texas Jack" Vermillion (John Wilson Vermillion) would grow up to become one of the many gunfighters in the Old West, with colorful nicknames like "Texas Jack" and "Shoot-Your-Eye-Out" Vermillion. He is most well known for his participation with Wyatt Earp in the Earp Vendetta Ride after the Clantons had killed Morgan Earp in 1882.

The only known photograph of Billy the Kid, who was killed at 21. He was said to have killed 21 men, one for each year of his short life, but probably killed between four and eight. For a long time it was thought that he was left-handed because of this photo, but this image is in fact flipped. He used his pistol right-handed. Killed in 1881 by Sheriff Pat Garrett.

Patrick Floyd "Pat" Garrett (June 5, 1850 – February 29, 1908) was an American Old West lawman, bartender, and customs agent who was best known for killing Billy the Kid.[2] He was also the sheriff of Lincoln County, New Mexico