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Collecting Rocks and Minerals (I friggin' LOVE this one!!!!)

BELLA COUTURE ® FINE JEWELRY ~ Shop for one of a kind jewelry, antiques and haute couture designer collectibles as beautiful as the stunners in this Rough Gemstones Gemstone inspirational image. Amethyst from Sardinia

archaicwonder: fluorapophyllite Incredible!

Azurite from Namibia →GEOLOGY - I LIKE ROCKS ALOT suzanne From Mineralia

Atacamite: Cu2Cl(OH) a halide mineral. Atacamite activates and stimulates spiritual connection and visualisation. Atacamite raises consciousness to highest levels of vibration when used in meditation or held over the third eye. Atacamite can be used for astral travel and journeying and opens a channel for guidance and spiritual truths.

Dioptase on Quartz...helps one to understand the message 'yesterday is but a memory, tomorrow is but a vision, TODAY is REAL'

Doubly terminated Fluorapophylitte crystal / Mineral Friends ♥

Chlorite spheres in Quartz crystals, Obira Mine, Japan / Mineral Friends ♥

Fluorapophyllite, Jalgaon. Image credit: Carnegie Museum of Natural History.