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Jan Lee’s naked raku and saggar-fired works balance a soft elegance of form with the intense crackling electricity of daring smoke patterns. These meticulously smooth vessels serve as a quiet frame for bold swaths of lightning, fracture, and inferno

Jan Lee pottery at MudFire Gallery

Jan Lee pottery at MudFire Gallery

Grace Sheese Bowl at MudFire Gallery

Jeremy Randall pottery at MudFire Gallery

Charlie and Linda Riggs Saggar Vase at MudFire Gallery

Raku Vessel

Steven Young Lee.

Landscape Vessel

Soft Spine Vessel

Raku pottery vase

raku vase

Sinéad Fagan | Saggar Fired Vessel.

Charlie & Linda Riggs | "Fossil Pot". C Riggs are nationally renowned experts on alternative firing techniques. Most of their work is thrown by Charlie who takes time to make a very smooth surface that will later be polished with terra sigillata. These pots are then finished with one of the smoke fired techniques that results in a shiny unglazed surface brilliant with the colors of saggar firing, the bold blacks and whites of naked raku or the subtle marks of horsehair and ferric chloride...

Pinning for lidded vessels


Trio of Naked Raku bottles - Kris Paul Ceramics, Oregon

Becky Harle - Gallery 2008

Dan Isher Pit Fire Gallery

Raku, Bob Green

Sean O Connell. corked bottle form