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Jan Lee’s naked raku and saggar-fired works balance a soft elegance of form with the intense crackling electricity of daring smoke patterns. These meticulously smooth vessels serve as a quiet frame for bold swaths of lightning, fracture, and inferno

John Kellum, raku

June Ridgeway The work is coil built, burnished and saggar fired. Inspiration is from a number of sources: erosion or weathering, just as the patina of age takes its course over any surface subjected to the elements, so the smoke and the added ingredients placed in the saggar, such as salt, wire, oxides, make their unique marks directly on the satin, burnished surface of the piece.

Raku pottery

June Ridgway | Smoke-fired vessel (2012). "Coiling is my preferred handbuilding technique because of the slower considered pace; scraping and fettling as the pot takes shape. Burnishing then forms an irresistible tactile satin finish before bisquing. Pieces are then placed in saggars with copper, salt and sawdust creating an atmosphere which leaves unique marks and colour on each and every pot. This aspect of the work is very exciting as the pot is handed over to the vagaries of the firing...

naked raku #ceramics

RAKU Kichizaemon Black Raku tea bowl, yakinuki type 2012 Photo: HATAKEYAMA Takashi

Dan Isher Pit Fire Gallery

Juliet Blackman. Central to all my work is an enjoyment of coiling, an almost meditative process where the form gradually evolves, together with raku, which provides the essential dark, earthy quality, capturing the mystery and unexpected iridescence of ancient archaeological finds. The contrast between a highly controlled, considered building process and the relatively unpredictable nature of raku firing is very exciting.


charlie-linda-riggs-saggar-orb http://www.cclay.com/criggs/

Tea bowl, unknown Raku ware workshop, 19th century, Japan

Cheryl Malone | South African ceramist, Porcelain vessel

Stephanie Galli Ceramics

Jan Lee pottery at MudFire Gallery

Jan Bilek

Raku by Andy Smith

double walled vessel

Soft Spine Vessel

Jan Lee pottery at MudFire Gallery