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My girls gotta have a strong ass serve game. a bitch walks up to me? haa. my girl is finer than you and will ever be gtf out my face hoe

Check out this funny picture of Will Smith in the famous TV show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

The awkward moment when you don't have a pin board suited for something you want to pin but are too lazy to create a new board.

What happens when I text boys

Hahaha :D (credit to "We Owe JKR Our Childhood" on FB)

The MadTV "Can I have yo number?" skit applied to Harry Potter. Because everything can be applied to Harry Potter.

funny swimming images - Google Search

Funnies Thread Volume III - Page 22

If you were stranded on an island and you could bring three items, what would you bring? Michael Phelps, a saddle, and a stick with a gold medal tied to the end of it.

this little girl has got it right. haha

Do you like boys?

"Do you like boys or do you like girls?" "I don't like boys. I like Netflix. And Birds." Girl's got her priorities straight


so true! Funny Confession Ecard: I don't have a 'honey-do' list. I have a 'I'll freaking do it myself' list. And guess what? Shit gets done.


Oh dear God, I beg you. Hahahaha Bless the makers of this movie. Ladies night out as soon as it's released!

First book was good....second eh...third made me want to read twilight again

this is how I felt when I finished the books. I know this is how I'm going to feel when I finish the last movie! And pretty much all other awesome books in general.