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Hannah Nunn: Stencil Dying in Kyoto

Artist/studio brush storage. this will definitely make sure ur brushes last longer

Hannah Hedman Studio


Fleurs Chiffons

Judy Pfaff’s Studio

Sue Brown Printmaker: THUS SPOKE THE RAVEN


Pots by Prue Piper

The court yard of the Old Laundry Somerset, home of ceramicist Prue Piper and sculptor son Henry

Prue Piper's studio in The Old Laundry Somerset

This is the house that Prue Piper and her husband Edward found in the 1960s. Built from the local oolite limestone, It was once the laundry for a large country house. a place where not only washing but also drying was accomplished in a high-ceilinged space inside with three long windows, or out on the windy slope it stands above. Food is growing now where linen sheets once flapped and tugged at their pegs. Prue Piper and her sculptor son Henry, his wife Janine who is also a ceramicist and their young children all live and work here. They are self-sufficient in sheep, wind-power and fruit and vegetables.

Martin Parr. Inner Hebrides, Scotland. Isle of Eigg. Isle of Rhum in the background. 1998

The artist.

isaac button. in a day he could turn a ton of clay into pots.

Cecilia Beaux in her studio 1919.

studio space

A Painters Soul: Ah, paints.

Artist Oliver Jeffers’ desk.

Isamu Noguchi kneading clay at his studio in Kita Kamakura, Japan, ca. 1952. Unidentified photographer. The Noguchi Museu...

Kim Jin-Hyun clay kneading

Willem de Kooning's studio

Museum of the jewellery quarter in Birmingham